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Welcome to Lindenwold Middle School


 Greetings to the parents and families of our 8th grade students as we prepare for our virtual promotion ceremony. The virtual promotion ceremony is scheduled to air Thursday night, June 17 at 6:30 p.m. on the local school and community channel.  It will also be available on our website and Facebook page either during the broadcast, shortly thereafter, or the next day.  In preparation for the virtual promotion ceremony, all of our eligible 8th grade students are scheduled to come in to pick-up their promotion certificates and prizes and walk across the stage for a photo opportunity.  Right now, we plan to use that photo in the virtual promotion ceremony, along with a baby picture that our homeroom teachers are collecting.  Students may be accompanied by family members with masks; however, please note, if you have COVID-19, you may not come to schoolWe will also be checking temperatures.

Eligible 8th grade students are scheduled in five-minute intervals to get everybody in during the last week of school.  Please expect a phone call this week, Thursday or Friday.  Unfortunately, due to the number of students we have, these times are set. So please arrive at your scheduled time.  Students will also return their Chromebooks, power chords, WIFI hotspots, calculators, and algebra textbooks, if they still have them; otherwise, we plan on collecting them next week.  Unfortunately, students who have to attend summer school are not eligible for participation in the ceremony.  Their families should have received an invitation to summer school already, and they will not receive an appointment phone call.

Otherwise, when you arrive for your appointment, please enter through the outside auditorium doors at your scheduled time.  If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your scheduled time to avoid congregating in crowds.  Once inside, students will return their items and families will sign a new photo release for the ceremony.  Then students will pick up their promotion certificates and prizes and walk across the stage for a photo opportunity. 

Students should be dressed in black and white semi-formal attire.  Boys may wear dress pants and dress shirts or a suit and tie.  Girls may wear appropriate length dresses and pants.  Girls should not wear strapless dresses, spaghetti straps, or bare midriffs.  Students should also make sure their footwear is appropriate and comfortable.  This is our promotion ceremony dress code; however, we understand that due to the COVID-19 quarantine, you may not be able to follow it exactly.  Therefore, we simply ask you to do the best you can.  Thank you very much and congratulations!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Ted Pugliese, Principal

COVID-19 - Update Center

Please click this link to reach our Resource Page we will utilize during our COVID-19 Remote Learning Schedule. 

Para traducir todos los mensajes, utilice la herramienta de idiomas que se encuentra en la esquina superior izquierda del sitio Web y seleccione su idioma preferido.


Progress Reports - St. Benedict

Mid-Marking Period-4 is
Monday, May 17th
Progress Reports will be available via Parent Portal as of   
Monday, May 24th.

Our hybrid schedule is included below:

Grade 7 & 8


Student Arrival/Temp Checks 7:40

Homeroom 7:50 - 7:55 (5 minutes)

1st period 7:55 - 8:35 (40 minutes)

2nd period 8:38 - 9:18 (40 minutes)

3rd period 9:21 - 10:01 (40 minutes)

4th period 10:04 - 10:44 (40 minutes)

5th period 10:47 - 11:27 (40 minutes)

6th period 11:30 - 12:10 (40 minutes)

Dismissal Begins 12:13 - 12:30

Remote 1:15 - 2:35 (80 minutes)

Grade 5 & 6

Student Arrival/Temp Checks 8:15

Homeroom 8:30 - 8:35 (5 minutes)

1st period 8:35 - 9:15 (40 minutes)

2nd period 9:18 - 9:58 (40 minutes)

3rd period 10:01 - 10:41 (40 minutes)

4th period 10:44 - 11:24 (40 minutes)

5th period 11:27 - 12:07 (40 minutes)

6th period 12:10 - 12:50 (40 minutes)

Dismissal Begins 12:50 - 1:00

Remote 1:55 - 3:15 (80 minutes)

Our Wednesday remote schedule
is included below:

Homeroom 8:00 - 8:05 (5 minutes)

1st period 8:05 - 8:45 (40 minutes)

2nd period 8:50 - 9:30 (40 minutes)

3rd period 9:35 - 10:15 (40 minutes)

4th period 10:20 - 11:00 (40 minutes)

5th period 11:05 - 11:45 (40 minutes)

6th period 11:50 - 12:30 (40 minutes)

Lunch break 12:35 - 1:15 (40 mins)

Remote 1:20 - 2:40 (80 minutes)


2021 Teacher of the Year - Stafford Board of Education

Congratulations to LMS 2020-21
Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Newcomb


The NJ School Performance Reports are now available. Please search for your child's school at

These reports contain detailed information about the performance of each school in NJ. In addition there are a number of informative links on the performance report website. If you would like to discuss your school's report or need assistance with the reports, please contact your school's principal or Dr. Mancinelli (mmancinelli@lind 

LMS Pest Control Notice 1/17/20

Please see the below Announcement for Information on the pest control notice.

Pest control notice.

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HIB Information

Click here for the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Self-Assessment 2020-21

District HIB Coordinator:

Leana Sykes
Lindenwold High School
801 Egg Harbor Road
Lindenwold, New Jersey 08021
856-741-0320 x1010

NJ School Performance Reports

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